Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

I have seen many bloggers do "What I Wore Wednesday" posts and clothes are something that I love so I figured that I should jump on board! I have purchased a whole new wardrobe since my weight loss. My current favorite stores are The Loft and The Limited. Recently I allowed myself to get rid of the majority of my old clothes. Holding on to them felt like permission to gain the weight back. I took many of them to a Clothes Mentor that recently opened up in my area and I was able to get a fair amount of money for the clothes (much more than I feel I would be able to get at a yard sale). I will be donating the rest of the clothes to families in need.

One thing I do want to mention when discussing clothes is that I feel that it is much harder to shop now that I have lost weight (I know that sounds like the opposite of what everyone says!). When I was larger I spent more time evaluating whether clothes were flattering and I purchased clothes because they fit me well and looked good. Now I have a hard time distinguishing between whether I really love something or if I want to purchase it because it is a small size and it fits and that makes me excited. Does any one else who has lost weight struggle with that?

Okay...on to the outfit. I do really LOVE this outfit. It makes me feel confident and attractive:

Sorry for the poor picture quality and messy bedroom;) I haven't gotten the hang of the self portrait yet! The top and skirt are both from The Limited and I paid less than $30 total for them both. The shoes are from Shoe Carnival from a few years ago (They are SO comfortable). I won't be back posting until next week. I hope to have a good weekend of exercise and eating right and I hope you do too!

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