Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I made it through last week without exercising better than I expected. I was able to go on a walk (with my doctor's permission) the Wednesday after I received the Cortisone shot. I was so happy to get outside but I had to fight the urge to run the whole time.

Pic from my walk:)

I struggled with pain all last week and my hip felt loose (I guess because the swelling went done) which really freaked me out. I did not feel an improvement until Friday. On Saturday I attended my first cylce class since the shot and I was so glad to be back. I felt some discomfort that I wasn't expecting since I have never felt pain in cycle. By the end of class I felt great and I was relieved that the twinges I felt in the beginning of class passed.
Sweaty but relieved to be back

I was also relieved to know that I maintained my weight (I actually went down some from the previous week):

I actually went for a short (1 mile) run on Sunday. I plan to continue adding to that mileage to see if I can keep building up without too much pain. I didn't have much pain during my run Sunday but I can not believe how sore I was the next day! In spite of cycling regularly and strength training multiple times a week running still got my thighs burning;) I am praying that I will continue to build up the miles without intense pain. I plan on being very smart about my running this time and even though I only ran a mile I still stretched like crazy and foam rolled!

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